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What Does Sports Massage Therapy Help?

Clinical and Sports Massage Therapy helps inthe following ways: Relieve Backache Headaches Repetitive strain injury Muscle spasm Stiff joints Stress and tension Prevent Injuries Muscle soreness Poor posture Enhance Sport and exercise recovery Mobility Flexibility Exercise performance Soft tissue rehabilitation

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Booking an Apointment

Initial treatments usually take up to 1 hour. This allows for a comprehensive and detailed injury history and for an assessment to take place, including a recommended course of action. Discounts are available for block bookings of pre-paid course of 5 or more sessions Massage sessions can also be purchased …

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Is Sports Massage For You?

Clinical and Sports Massage can help a variety of conditions such as backache, headache, stress and tension. This type of massage therapy is used by all sorts of people, from active sports person or professional athlete through to office workers, housewives and any other occupation you care to think of. …

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What Is Clinical Sports Massage?

We all have muscles but only a few of us know that our muscles are surrounded in a thin membrane of strong connective tissues called FASCIA. Fascia is normally moist and allows them to glide over each other as the muscles contract and release. After a period of time, through …

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Sports Massage

Experienced International Sports Massage Therapist and Lecturer, Grant Foster, is now available for Sports Massage Therapy treatments in the comfort of your own home, throughout the Costa del Sol. In all types of massage, the therapist has specific aims in mind, and in sport we focus on the individual needs …

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