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Grant Foster has been a highly qualified Sports Therapist since 1997 and spent 3 years as a Tutor of Sports Massage. Not only that, as a former member of the Sports Massage Association, his experience has brought him in contact with celebrity athletes whilst working in areas such as filming the TV Show Gladiators; Stoke City Football Team; Hiberian Football team and the 2003 IAAF World Indoor Athletics.

Other qualifications include:
v2 Diplomas in Sports Massage vMaster Diploma Clinical Massage vDiploma on-site (Chair) Massage

What is Clinical Sports Massage?
We all have muscles but only a few of us know that our muscles are surrounded in a thin membrane of strong connective tissues called FASCIA. Fascia is normally moist and allows them to glide over each other as the muscles contract and release. After a period of time, through use and injury, the fascia thickens and hardens.
Clinical Massage is a unique technique that involves manually moving the muscles to separate them and stretch the surrounding connective tissue by working between the muscles.
This adds a new dimension to soft tissue manipulation as well as providing the advantages of normal sports massage.

Clinical Sports Massage can help prevent injuries, muscle soreness and poor posture. It can also enhance sport and exercise recovery, mobility, flexibility, exercise performance and soft tissue rehabilitation.
We all expect so much from our bodies. People should treat their bodies as they do their cars.
Like cars we all need regular servicing and an MOT, if we are to enjoy full use of our bodies over time. So do your body a favour and book in for a massage and look after yourself.